“For eight years, Sunnat, a sixteen-year-old Uzbek captured in Afghanistan in 2001…was, in the words of Peter Jan Honigsberg, a professor of law at the University of San Francisco, ‘alone in a sea of voices.'”

“Desperately Alone in a Crowd” The New Yorker

Peter Jan Honigsberg interview about “Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, how the US public turn a blind eye while the rest of the world watches, and the fate of a large group of hunger strikers at the prison.”

Radio New Zealand National

KPFK Radio Panel about Guantanamo with Peter Jan Honigsberg, David Glazier, Prof. of Law, Loyola Law School and Jonathan Hafetz, Prof. of Law, Seton Law

–”The Scholars’ Circle & Insighters Radio” KPFK

“On Mr Obama’s new pledge, Professor Honigsberg said: ‘Words don’t work any more for me, not after 11 years of people being held without trial.'”

–”Guantanamo Inmates Force Fed Illegally” The Times UK in The Australian

Al Jazeera article on closing Guantanamo (in Arabic)

Al Jazeera

“How exactly does linguistic isolation affect the psyche? In a recent paper, Peter Jan Honigsberg of the University of San Francisco law school has taken a step toward answering this question.”

–”Solitary linguistic confinement” The Economist

“Torturous, painful, hopeless, oppressive, unrelenting: these are the words used by Moazzam Begg to describe his three years of detention in the United States prison camp at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. One of the world’s most infamous prisons is 10 years old this week. A decade of controversy.”

–”Guantanamo Bay: 10 Years of Controversy” Radio Netherlands Worldwide

TV Story on 10 years of Guantanamo (includes brief interview of Peter Jan Honisgberg)

–”Amnesty International protests Gitmo detentions” ABC 7

“Honigsberg has penned a powerful indictment of Bush’s War on Terror, vivid and horrifying and hard to put down.”

–”Best Books 2009″ Publishers Weekly Online

“I urge readers to visit the website [which] provides excellent insight into the horrendous abuses initiated by the US administration in the ‘War on Terror.'”

Andy Worthington blog

“Provides a compelling account of the human costs of the erosion of civil rights in the post-9/11 US.”

–”Book of the Week” Times Higher Education Magazine

“Talking Dog” interview with Professor Honigsberg

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