Marion (Spike) Bowman   FBI Official

Marion Spike Bowman


  • We Have to Move Forward

    WWII-era international laws don’t apply today with 21st century issues like terrorism, detainees, and piracy.

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  • How to Treat Prisoners

    FBI uses rapport-building with Jose Padilla, and for the first time he talks.

    WATCH (length: 1:51)

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  • Told to Pound Sand

    Military officials reject FBI behavioral scientists who try to help establish Guantanamo interrogation protocol.

    WATCH (length: 1:14)

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Marion (Spike) Bowman bio

Marion (Spike) Bowman is the former Senior Counsel to the FBI, and the former Deputy National Counter Intelligence Executive. In addition to his national security experience, he is a retired U.S. Navy Captain who has served as Head of International Law at the Naval War College, as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy, and as Chief of Litigation for the U.S. Navy.

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