Saber Lahmar   French National


Date Interviewed: August 5, 2010


  • Not the Sheraton

    A dentist pulls a tooth without first determining if it is necessary.

    WATCH (length: 1:29)

    Transcript (PDF)

  • Discovering the Truth

    Upon his release from a Bosnian prison, Saber finds out he is going to Guantanamo.

    WATCH (length: 1:20)

    Transcript (PDF)

Saber Lahmar bio

Saber Lahmar (born 1969) is an Algerian who won his Habeas Corpus petition after being detained at Guantanamo for over eight years. Lahmar was captured while working as a permanent resident of Bosnia in October 2001. He was transferred to France on November 30, 2009.

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