Brahim Yadel   French

Brahim Yadel

Date Interviewed: August 15, 2009


  • Interrogation During Surgery

    While semi-conscious during surgery, Brahim is interrogated.

    WATCH (length: 1:15)

    Transcript (PDF)

  • Making an Example

    A detainee is violently beaten after talking back to a guard.

    WATCH (length: 1:21)

    Transcript (PDF)

Brahim Yadel bio

Brahim Yadel (born in 1971) is a citizen of France. He was captured in Afghanistan and held at Guantanamo from January 2002 until July 2004, when he and three other French detainees were repatriated to France. His original conviction in France was overturned and he was released in February 2009. On February 17, 2010, the Court of Cessation, a higher court, ordered a re-trial of Brahim Yadel and four other men.

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