Abubakir Qasem   Uyghur

Abubakir Qasem


  • Chinese Delegation

    Betrayed by the United States to the Chinese delegation.

    WATCH (length: 2:09)

    Transcript (PDF)

  • No Future

    After Guantanamo, he sees himself as having no future.

    WATCH (length: 1:17)

    Transcript (PDF)

Abubakir Qasem bio

Abubakir Qasem was born in 1969 in Ghulia, China. He was captured in late 2001 and detained until May 2006. In March 2005 the Combatant Status Review Tribunal determined he was “no longer an enemy combatant.” He was informed of this in May 2005. He now resides in Albania.

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