Isolated Inside the Administration

Published By American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

People who have been following the cycle of violence after 9/11 — in particular the human rights and rule of law violations that occurred in…

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Torturous, painful, hopeless, oppressive, unrelenting: these are the words used by Moazzam Begg to describe his three years of detention in the United States prison camp at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. One of the world’s most infamous prisons is 10 years old this week. A decade of controversy.

Guantanamo Bay: 10 Years of Controversy, Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Spielberg, Guantanamo, and Me

Published By California Lawyer

I was flying home from Europe recently, after interviewing several former Guantanamo detainees in France and Switzerland for a documentary and archival project. When the…

The Defining Moment of the Decade

Published By The Huffington Post

Sometime after 9/11, I remarked to a friend that I wish I had kept a copy of the newspaper describing the event. My friend looked at me and replied, “You should have held on to the newspaper from the day before.”

Coping with Loneliness in Guantanamo

Published By The Huffington Post

Can a person held in a prison cell among neighbors who do not speak his language be as lonely as someone who is held incommunicado…

Without Human Rights, We are Just Another Country

Published By The Huffington Post

This past week President Obama affirmed what many people expected. Although the president had proclaimed soon after he was elected that he would shut Guantanamo…

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Honigsberg has penned a powerful indictment of Bush’s War on Terror, vivid and horrifying and hard to put down.

Best Books 2009, Publishers Weekly

Transforming Lives on This Side of the GTMO Wire

Published By The Huffington Post

Much has been written on the lives of detainees in Guantanamo post September 11, 2001. But relatively little has been written about the lives of…

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I urge readers to visit the website [which] provides excellent insight into the horrendous abuses initiated by the US administration in the ‘War on Terror.’

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