The Link Between Guantanamo and Syria

Published By American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

It is despicable that Syria allegedly used chemical weapons, and that more than 1000 people died in horrible, writhing deaths. And, chemical weapons are outlawed by international law, as well as customary law and norms. However, we live in a global community.

Will the Last UK Resident Be Released from Guantanamo Next Month?

Published By Jurist

Why does Aamer remain in Guantanamo when the other 15 detainees from the UK were released years ago? One theory is that the UK does not want Aamer to publicly repeat the story that a UK intelligence agent from MI5 was present when a U.S. interrogator smashed his head against a wall in Bagram Air Force Base.

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‘Many of the former detainees now live in third party countries — not their homeland — and lead difficult lives, stained by financial hardship and psychological scars,’ Honigsberg said. ‘The government, I feel, has an obligation to assist these men to get back on their feet and have some life going forward,’ he said.

The Real Origin of the Term ‘Enemy Combatant’

Published By The Huffington Post

I have spent over 12 years searching for the person who suggested that the term enemy combatant be adopted by the Bush administration. Now I know.

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For eight years, Sunnat, a sixteen-year-old Uzbek captured in Afghanistan in 2001…was, in the words of Peter Jan Honigsberg, a professor of law at the University of San Francisco, ‘alone in a sea of voices.’

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Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, how the US public turn a blind eye while the rest of the world watches, and the fate of a large group of hunger strikers at the prison.

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On Mr Obama’s new pledge, Professor Honigsberg said: ‘Words don’t work any more for me, not after 11 years of people being held without trial.’

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