Additional Notes

Update (5/7/15):

Sidebar: Added widgets for Twitter feed, Interview Count, Email signup. On home page only, added “First Time Visitor” widget.

Main Navigation: Restructured menu. The first item, Interviews, takes you to the correct Interviews page as show in your sketch (more on this later). Last couple of items are there to make finding things easier for us as we edit and will disappear in due time.

Interviews: This is the main Interviews archive. It is sorted into sections grouped by Themes. Currently, the theme order matches the sidebar with the most used themes appearing first then descending. Within each Theme section (row), are all the Interviews for that theme (thumbnail and title: both linked, duration, excerpt).

Single Interviews: Includes relevant Metadata based on interview type. For related videos, shows additional related videos by this interview subject but excludes the current video from the list. For related videos by theme, shows a randomized selection of three videos (excluding current video) with a See All button that takes you to the specific Theme’s index page.

Update (3/30/15):

Advanced search demo: Use the Advanced Search link in the navigation menu to see a demo of an AJAX enabled search page. Clicking on any checkbox will immediately narrow results without refreshing without reloading the page using AND logic.



Some things to note:

  1. There is only minimal styling applied to provide readability and differentiation of various information blocks.
  2. The existing static/informational pages are available for editing (again, formatting and styles not yet applied).
  3. Two new custom post types have been added to handle interviews (videos) and biographies of interviewees (see below for further explanation).
  4. Current search functions are mostly broken. Use the navigation menu or sidebar links to see current posts filtered as explained.
  5. Static site data (# of interview, countries) is now set in the Admin under Site Settings (rather than a “Do not delete” post (see example below).

W2G has interviewed 158 people in 20 countries.

New post types:

Note: Both Interviews and Bios post types share two custom taxonomies:

  • Subject type: This is a category taxonomy that maintains the current classification of “Detainee” or “Other Voice”.
  • Tags: Currently applied to only Interviews but shared by Bios as well. These are the Themes for the new site. You can view all current “Themes” in the right sidebar sorted by frequency. Clicking on any “Theme” link will return ALL posts (post, bio, interview) tagged with that theme.


These are the posts for each individual video clip. They consist of the following information:

  1. Title (title of clip from current site)
  2. Content area (clip description from current site)
  3. Tags (themes)
  4. Subject type: (category) Detainee or Other Voice
  5. Video Clip Info (Metadata box)
    1. Related Biography (selector to assign relationship to Interviewee’s Bio post)
    2. Video clip URL
    3. Video clip duration
    4. Transcript file attachment (PDF)


These are the posts for each individual biography (interviewee). They consist of the following information:

  1. Title (name of interviewee from current site)
  2. Content area (biographic content, if available, from current site)
  3. Tags (themes)
  4. Subject type: (category) Detainee or Other Voice
  5. Interviewee Info (Metadata box)
    1. Charges brought: checkbox. Only shown on front end if Subject type is Detainee
    2. Country of origin: Country selector to replace country name in title and provide mapping data later (count of this field is shown in sidebar as “Country of Origin.”
  6. Excerpt: (from current site) Used instead of Content area in listing pages.

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